In partnership with the Administration of Murchison Middle School, AISD Facilities and Trojan Pop Warner Football, Trojan Youth Lacrosse recently led an effort to improve the side playing fields at Murchison Middle School.  This work entailed moving the drainage berm, relocating backstops, grading the entire area with the addition of top soil, installing a full irrigation system and over seeding with Bermuda grass.  The goal of this effort was not only to provide and secure an adequate and safe area for children to play lacrosse, but to also begin establishing Trojan Youth Lacrosse in the local area by giving back to the neighborhood which it services. 

However, it is critical that Trojan Youth Lacrosse be able to contribute to the maintenance of the playing fields at Murchison Middle School. These fields will require more attention than AISD provides. As such, Trojan Youth Lacrosse is in need of sponsors willing to donate to our youth lacrosse program which in turn contributes to the maintenance of these fields.  The initial investment that Trojan Youth Lacrosse was able to provide demonstrates our commitment to the fields but as a not for profit, we will need financial assistance from the community to adequately maintain them in the future. Therefore if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please see our sponsorship page for more details.

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JULY 13, 2013






July 15, 2003