Registration Process
Due to the growing demand for lacrosse opportunities in Northwest Austin, our limited access to resources such as fields and coaches, and our goal to keep team sizes manageable to maintain a quality experience for all those involved, Trojan Youth Lacrosse (“TYLA”) may not be able to accommodate every individual looking to register with us for a lacrosse program.  As such, the availability of resources will influence our registration process. We must limit registrations to form only the number of teams or programs for which we have enough players, volunteers, field space, and qualified coaches.  

Therefore, please consider the following before registering a player for a program.

  1. Ensure that your player wants to learn to play lacrosse, practice what he/she has learned and enjoys playing in game situations against other teams.

  2. Please know that lacrosse is a fast moving game and requires a player to run up and down a field and sometimes in warm weather

  3. A goal of Trojan Youth Lacrosse is to establish a feeder program for the Andersen High School lacrosse teams

To register, please click the 'Register' button on the Home page or at the bottom of this page.

If a registration takes place after a program has already closed, Trojan Youth Lacrosse maintains the right to charge a late fee of $50. This however does not apply to those on a waitlist. We encourage registering onto a waitlist in the unfortunate case it is necessary as in prior years players have been taken off the waitlist.


Note regarding US Lacrosse Membership Requirement:

As there are several benefits to both Trojan Youth Lacrosse and the player for requiring US Lacrosse membership, the Trojan Youth Lacrosse Board voted to make membership in US Lacrosse a requirement for all those registering to participate.  (See http://www.uslacrosse.org/TopNav/Membership/MembershipBenefits.aspx) Therefore, if the player you are registering does NOT have a US Lacrosse membership that is valid through the end of the program he/she is being registered for, you will be automatically directed to USLacrosse.org via an internal window on your screen to register with US Lacrosse.  As a result, you will effectively be making two purchases during the registration process - one with Trojan Youth Lacrosse and the other with US Lacrosse.  The US Lacrosse Group ID for Trojan youth Lacrosse is 3801836. Please make sure that when asked, you input the full name of our association in the lookup query - "Trojan Youth Lacrosse Association of Northwest Austin.

Privacy Policy
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.  This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you so long as those parties understand to keep this information confidential.

Spring 2016

1) Program Fees

  • Girls Grades 3 & 4: $150

  • Girls Grades 5 & 6: $250

  • Girls Grades 7 & 8: $250


  • Boys Grades 1 & 2 / Bantam Division: $290

  • Boys Grades 3 & 4 / Lightning Division: $350

  • Boys Grades 5 & 6 / Junior Division: $395

  • Boys Grades 7 & 8 / Senior Division: $425

2) US Lacrosse Fees are as follows: Youth Player Membership: $25

3) Total Fee = Trojan Youth Lacrosse fee + US Lacrosse fee



Refund Policy
1) Refunds of registration fees will be provided in the unfortunate case when a player is not able to be placed on a team or in a program, for any reason, and payment had been accepted.  In this case, refunds for a US Lacrosse Membership can also be attained directly through US Lacrosse if requested as soon as possible.
2) Partial refunds of registration fees may be provided in the case of a player cancellation before the close of registration.
3) After registration closes, refund requests will be considered on a case by case basis and given at the discretion of the TYLA Board.
4) No refunds will be provided for any player suspended or ejected from TYLA for violation of the Code of Conduct.

All decisions regarding player placement and refunds made by Trojan Youth Lacrosse are final.   Any questions may be submitted through the Trojan Youth Lacrosse website.

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